Signum Studio

Website design

I design computer graphics since 2001. I try and expand my skills, learn about new programs and new website standards to make my works better and more suitable for my customers. I pay great attention to any information regarding website element positioning to achieve maximum visibility for the end user of informational/commercial site. Many of my projects were not included in my portfolio, because I am aware that they require some corrections to fit in today's standards, but it is real that they may be available for viewing soon.

I specialize in websites without dynamic (Flash) elements, but I can take them into consideration and put them into project on customer request.

I also design banners for use in both advertisement campaigns in other websites and for use in price comparing engines.

You don't have to provide an exact idea how you want your site to look like. I take on jobs with precise requirements as well as those requiring more creativity on my part - I only need answers to a few simple questions regarding website type and topic. Everything can be arranged, as I look forward to meeting all your expectations.

Projects that you receive are delivered in .psd format. Of course on requst I will prepare the graphic elements exactly as the coder needs. I always attach a text file specifing used fonts, sizes, colors.

I do my best to be as flexible as possible, making our cooperation smooth and quick.

Please take a look at my services and contact me to start fruitful cooperation!